Together we discover what works for your lifestyle so healthy change is an everyday way of being. You see your body does everything in its power to stay balanced as long as you give it nutrients and movement. Diets limit us and are emotionally exhausting. I believe in a phase-in approach over time works best especially for the busy world we live in. How can we realistically eat the foods best for my body and lifestyle? Most importantly I believe the root of change comes from understanding how to stop our behavior and destructive patterns keeping us from succeeding.  We phase-in healthier food, fitness and behavioral alternatives over time to make this an easy lifestyle change for you and to ensure a lasting change.  

                                          ABOUT TERESA
My name is Teresa Brenke and I am the owner of Embrace Health at CLD (Center for Leadership Development).  I started in the dietetics program at Fort Collins, CO and after 2 years in this program decided it was not the path for me. I chose to take
a more natural approach to 
nutrition and bought into a children's fitness/nutrition business. After 20 years with Stretch-n-Grow I decided to advance into adult training.  My experience is unique as I have cross-functional areas of expertise and am flexible in providing a multitude of services. My extroverted nature has helped me master self-motivation, communication and training skills for all age levels. Yet my business degree helped me to create, organize and develop a ground level franchise business into a statewide program. Owning a small business has allowed me to become a better manager, business owner, leader and the confidence to handle most opportunities foreseen and unforeseen.  In the past 20 years I had an amazing opportunity to work with approximately 500,000 children, 10,000 teachers and 2000 business’. This gives me great insight on the many different types of personalities, perspectives, leadership styles, and business settings. Therefore, I believe good leaders will ask the right questions, consider all perspectives to help guide them and remember its not what you say but how you say it that makes an impact.


Colorado State University – Fort Collins, CO,  Associate degree

St. Mary’s University – Minneapolis  MN, BS  Business

Life/Health Coaching Certification, IPEC, CPC, PCC

Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, IPEC

Personal Training Certification, ACE

Nutrition Certification, Venice Nutrition

Master Nutrition Certification, AFPA

3x3 Body Sculpting Certification, Kim Ross