Create Health On The Go Program 

Create Health On The Go" Kit
Program giving you a solid foundation on how to lose weight with amazing recipes, 2 Webinars, plus (6) downloadable guides to help you eat at restaurants, at home and on the go. Plus ELI assessment, Health Score and Strategy Session to set yourself up to succeed. 

Group/Private Sessions

I help people learn how to embrace healthy living NOT by focusing on the “diet”, or “pills” or“ activity” to fix them but by asking key questions to change their perspective and create new positive conversations in their head. So healthy choices become as easy and habitual as getting dressed or brushing your teeth….it’s a way of being.  Not a change for one week, one month or one year, a change for the rest of your life so you can feel better than you have ever felt!! Schedule your private (30) minute sessions now. 

3x3 Exercise Rings
Pilates based exercise with resist & assist weighted rings giving you an intense total body sculpting workout while allowing you to perform athletic level exercises with the assist of the resist mechanism. Entire body is engaged 100% of the workout giving you the best overall training to your body in a short amount of time. 

3x3 Exercise DVD's 

Nutrition or Fitness Workshop
Email with more details to customize your workshop and pricing. 

Protein Powder

Dream Workshop

Fitness & Nutrition Sessions

For those who love the energy of others to keep you on track this class is for you! Combine 6-8 of your friends in this fun and easy fitness and nutrition class giving you motivation needed to succeed!  In this 8 week program, every week there is one 60 minute nutrition session with nutrition coach and one 60 minute exercise session with personal trainer! We offer simple, practical solutions and surrounding you every week with friends who will hold you accountable! 

We use health group coaching to ask challenging nutrition questions with a trained facilitator and the many perspectives give endless possibilities to simplify confusing nutrition myths. We create easy delicious customized recipes, meal planning for your specified diet, and “Believe in Yourself Manual”. Guided accountability for each step in your journey into the world of healthy living. We meet 3x a month for 1 hour. 

Health Score

We use Food, Fitness and ELI assessment to take a snapshot of your health and create a health score. Each assessment gives you information about why and how you make decisions regarding your health. We believe by understanding your perspective, and what motivates you, we can decide the best path to help you succeed and move you out of frustrating destructive habits.


Portion Containers