Cleanse Kit

                      Cleanse Kit                         
Are you feeling exhausted and stuck at a weight you do not want to be? This kit is intended to help reset your WRM (weight regulating mechanism). Your body naturally stabilizes at a certain weight but what most people don't know is we can lower this set point. This kit gives you all the tools needed to cleanse your body along with a strategy session with a nutrition coach to monitor you for one whole month to ensure your set point lowers along with your weight. 

  "Exercise To Go" Kit                 
For those who are capable of motivating yourself but need the tools to help you succeed in this very busy world we live in. This includes a set of the 3x3 Weighted Rings with Resist Cord to tone your body, Beginner DVD with 3 minute, 7 minute and 30 minute workouts, Body Sculpting DVD with (11) workouts, "Body Confidence" Book with Recipes and explanation on how to eat to burn FAT, a customized exercise guide with personalized exercises for your body and lifestyle created by a personal trainer.