What is a Life Coach?
Coaches help others identify important goals and priorities, strategize about how to reach them and overcome obstacles that crop up along the way. We believe empowering questions gives you the perspective and confidence to make good decisions.  



How Do We Create Leaders? 

I help people learn how to embrace  leadership NOT by focusing on the action or policy to guide them but by asking key questions to allow them to see the full picture. By changing your perspective you create win win opportunities. So making decisions and handling stress becomes as easy and habitual as getting dressed or brushing your teeth….its a way of being.  Not a change for one week, one month or one year, a change for the rest of your life so you can become an effective leader in relationships, work environment, personal health, spirituality and your own personal happiness!!



What is Health Score? 

We use Food, Fitness and ELI assessment to take a snapshot of your health and create a health score. These three areas are critical to understand why we make the choices we make about living healthy. We usually are aware of the food choices we make and how it affects our body but this only temporarily impacts us. We believe by understanding your perspective, energy and what motivates you, we can decide the best path to succeed and move you out of frustrating repetitive destructive habits.