Simple Solutions in Busy World

Guided motivation to help others identify important goals and priorities, strategize about how to reach them and overcome obstacles that crop up along the way. We believe in giving you the tools needed to help you succeed!

                             Exercise Solutions

                           1. Look for Opportunities to Stand
                            2. Take 10 Minute Fitness Breaks-
                            3. Take 2 Minute Stretching Breaks 
                            4. Trade in office chair for a fitness ball
                            5. Keep fitness equipment in work area
                            6. Accountability and Rewards  

         Nutrition Solutions

              1.     How to Plan Ahead?
              2.     Fresh is Best!
              3.     Why Make Rules?
              4.     How to Break Sugar Addiction?
              5.     Drink Water!
              6.     Know Portion Control
              7.     What Foods Drain Your Energy?