Worksite wellness programs are about promoting an environment that supports healthy lifestyles for employees and their          families through systems and environmental changes. 

How it Works?

  1. Assessment: Assess current health promotions, employee health risks, concerns and needs. 
  2. Planning: Develop components of workplace program including goal determination, select priority interventions and build an organizational infrastructure. 
  3. Implementation: Incorporate health promotion strategies and interventions into place and making them available to employees and accountable for their healthy steps. 
  4. Evaluation: Systematically interpret the quality, worth and significance of an organized health/wellness program. 
    What does Embrace Health Do For You?

  • Creates a wellness team to create a culture of wellness throughout the company. 
  • Use our system to collect data to help justify program, evaluate company health status, determine what employees want from wellness program, and monitor participation. 
  • Create an operating plan to address timelines, budgets, work assignments, marketing, evaluation, and overall mission of the program. 
  • Choose strategies to build specific circumstances, your employees, type of business, employee demographics and interests, and worksite wellness budget. 
  • Create a supportive environment that supports policy, system and environmental change. 
  • Evaluate the implemented wellness program. How is participation, satisfaction levels, behavior changes, biometric changes, productivity and return on investment?
  • Offers additional support offsite/onsite for employees wanting to make a lifestyle change which include training workshops and peer support groups.