Change your thoughts...change your words...change your life!

What Is Eating in 3's?
We teach the kids how to eat in 3's to stabilize their blood sugar. Teaching them what a healthy carbohydrate, protein and fat is so their body maximizes their energy and burns fat. Learning to eat to keep your body working at its peak is a habit they can use for the rest of their life. We engage them thru games, music and stories to ensure each class is FUN! 
Parent/Child Interaction
We believe parents involvement is the key to making an impact with both the nutrition and behavior modification piece. By engaging in the program you will gain nutritional knowledge and enforce their healthy habits for the rest of their life!

What is Behavior Modification?
It is understanding the conversations (approximately 60,000 thoughts per day) in our head and how they can keep us stuck or move us forward. We teach thru fun interactive games and upbeat kids music how to become aware of these conversations to become successful in everything we do. This builds a child's self confidence and encourages to ask better questions to get better answers.  

Games and Music
We understand this program is geared towards the children so we use interactive games and upbeat kids music to engage them. This ensures the program is fun and exciting to keep the concepts easy to learn. Each class has 3-5 songs teaching nutrition and behavior modification.


5 minute guided meditation at the end of class to teach children how to be aware of their energy and how it can influence our attitude. We will try several practices so they are able to choose what is best for them.