Personal Training 

What are your goals?   

Interested in weight loss, toning and firming, strength training, or performance enhancement? At Embracing Health, we offer many programs and packages, all of which are designed specifically for each client and tailored to their individual needs and goals. Personal training will give you the tools necessary to achieve the results you want, while also providing you with the knowledge necessary to continue your fitness journey for a lifetime. Making a commitment to your health and fitness is a huge step, so let's take it together.

Ageless Mind and Body
Personal Training based off the scientific term, Neuroplasticity
 which describes the brains ability to change and ability to 
adapt to it's environment. There is research on how 
neuroplasticity results magnifies by adding motion or 
exercises. This is ideal for clients over the age of 40 who 
want to improve their memory while working out.  

Group Sessions 

Individual Sessions