"Changing Thoughts....Changes Feelings...Changes Your Life!"
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Permanently squash the destructive habits standing between you and the life you deserve!

Are you stuck in the F.A.S.T lane with your weight (frustrated, anxious, stressed and tired)? Let's make a lasting change with your health together!

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Why Embrace Health?

Over 25 years in business teaching over 10,000 adults, 500,000 children in more than 2,000 different businesses


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My program's are designed to show you how your thoughts have power!

Change your thoughts...change your feelings...change your life!

"Embrace Change Kit" for FREE right HERE!!

Stop going into auto pilot mode and start learning how to create healthy habits TODAY!

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Benefit 1

Discover how to live a stress free life so you can get out of the F.A.S.T lane (frustrated, anxious, stressed and tired)

Benefit 2

Get help on conquering your destructive habits so you can accomplish anything!

Benefit 3

Learn how to find inner peace we all desire and deserve! We give you tools so making change is easy! 

Ways to work with me?

I believe my tools will help you understand the patterns with your health and your mind. These tools can be applied in any area of your life! Being consciously aware is the first step to creating lasting change.


Coaches help others identify important goals and priorities, strategize about how to reach them and overcome obstacles that crop up along the way. We believe empowering questions gives you the perspective and confidence to make good decisions.  




Our workshops are custom designed to meet your needs. Each training workshop is filled with interaction, movement, storytelling and laughter to create a lasting impression! All programs include how to make a lasting change by including our behavior modification piece. 


Online Programs

Our online programs help you understand your perspective causing destructive patterns and supports you in making simple but effective lifestyle changes. This self guided program gives you the tools to setup a solid nutrition and fitness foundation when its convenient for YOU! How are we different? We create lasting changes by teaching YOU healthy conversations around food and fitness so it is EASY to stay healthy.



"I the 16 years I have known Teresa she has proven to be an asset to our school. She has shown to be reliable, trustworthy, and have an excellent work ethic which is a reflection of her abilities and hard work. Her knowledge of Health, Fitness and Education is outstanding!"

Jean S

"Teresa is an amazing coach and teacher. I feel so healthy and fit after following her guidelines on healthy eating and fitness. I always want to learn more from her! Forever grateful for her wisdom as I journey on with my new lifestyle of feeling great! "

Judy M
Director of Koala Bear

"Teresa has been instrumental in the success I’ve experienced with my health and my business. Teresa has been my coach for over 3 years and in this time, I’ve depended on her to excel at meeting my goals, call BS on me when she knows I can do better, and holds me accountable.”"

Tim M
Tim Matthews Group

"Teresa has greatly impacted not only my weight loss journey but she also opened my eyes to the excuses I made to myself. She made me look at my values and beliefs and the lies I was telling myself and then helped me with behavior modifications and goal setting. I have gone from an extremely overweight, inactive and depressed person to a joyful, daily exerciser who has lost 92 lbs and loves life! Thank you Teresa!"

Rebecca H

"I have worked with Teresa in some capacity with my business 3X3FIT for several years. I have also gotten behind her programs and promoted them through my business. I believe in her. I am most impressed with Teresa's hunger to always learn more in ways with huge beneficial impacts to her clients. She is well-educated and most of all passionate about helping others. You are in good hands with Teresa Brenke."

Kim Marie Ross
3x3 Fit Program and Product Developer

"Teresa guided me through my weight loss journey through one on one personalized nutrition coaching. Teresa has a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and expertise in nutrition and coaching. Her professionalism and vast knowledge in this field makes her a person you want to work with. I worked with Teresa before and after pregnancy. Before I was pregnant, she made sure I no longer craved for sugar and caffeine and walked 10k steps a day. During my pregnancy, she adjusted the program to fit my needs. Because of the changes I made with my eating habits, I no longer had gestational diabetes during my pregnancy; all thanks to her guidance and support. During my journey, one of the important things I discovered was I had food sensitivity I was never aware of. Teresa helped me understand the effects different foods had on my body which encouraged me to live a healthier lifestyle. The one trait I admire the most about Teresa is that she will hold you accountable and will not let you quit. She is relentless and puts her all into accomplishing her clients goal. I am glad I made permanent lifestyle changes. Thank you, Teresa!"

Idman M
Business Owner

"Embrace Change" Kit

How to get yourself out of destructive habits.

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➢ Understanding what are the conversations in my head keeping me stuck?
➢ How do those conversations lead us down destructive patterns?
➢ Worksheet to simplify how thoughts create feelings and ultimately actions even if this action is not in alignment with what you want to be.

FREE "Embrace Change " Kit

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Twin Cities Live Interview

Teresa explains with host how our beliefs from childhood affect who we become as adults and leads us into destructive habits.


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