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What doctors are not telling you about Plantar Fasciitis

Two million Americans suffer from plantar fasciitis every year and 10% of the population will experience it in their lifetime. It is become recognized as one of the most chronic and difficult foot problems to treat. 

Your feet are the foundation of your physical form...literally the base on which you are built. Most of us treat our feet as though we are able to take them off like shoes at night. We mindlessly abuse our feet until we are feeling pain. We want to give you not only treatment for the symptoms (immediate pain) but also diagnosis of why the feet starting hurting in the first place...the source of the problem. This is when you will find true relief! 

Lets start with what is plantar fasciitis? It is the symptom of pain located at the heel or plantar fascia of the foot (the thick connective tissue) which supports the arch of the foot. 

What treatments will help pain? 

  • Ice and massage 
  • Stretching
  • Foam roller, tennis balls or golf ball rolling
  • ...
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Gratitude is the greatest gift from God

This holiday is the best because all we have to do Is be grateful!!! A day off to think about how amazing our life is (and eat)! So here is some food for thought on gratitude the greatest gift God ever gave us:

  • Gratitude shields us from negativity
  • Gratitude makes you at least 25% happier
  • Gratitude rewires your brain
  • Gratitude eliminates stress
  • Gratitude heals your mind
  • Gratitude improves our sleep
  • Gratitude boosts self esteem and performance
  • Gratitude enhances the law of attraction
  • Gratitude improves relationships
  • Gratitude brings joy


These are some pretty impressive benefits. Gratitude changes everything and gives you a healthy perspective! How much time are you setting aside to be grateful? 

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5 Simple Strategies To Feel Amazing Over The Holidays


Most of us really struggle from Halloween thru January with keeping our weight under control. There are many reasons for this including the change in weather and length of hours in the daylight but for most the biggest reason is all the holidays jammed into a 2 month time frame. These holidays are reason for most to over indulge and start down the destructive mind set, "well I have too many functions to get thru the next few months so I will just start on getting healthy in January." Or "I messed up already so I will get on track next week." Or "My day was stressful I deserve this drink or pie or no workout."

What do you say to yourself justifying your destructive habits with your health? How many of you are guilty of this? Its part of human nature to be full of excuses! This year can be different! All you have to do is take a moment to listen to the thoughts holding you back and spend a little time to set yourself up to succeed.

Its a lot like anything you were successful at in...

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Why do 80% of people regain the weight they lost?


This statistic is alarming. Most of us at some point in our life have been on a mission to lose weight or become healthier in our choices so we have more energy, have a health scare or have some event where we want to look our best. The facts are 80% of people who lose at least 10% of their body weight gain the weight back if not more. What is the missing link in this? I believe most people do not consider the power of our thoughts keeping us stuck in destructive patterns with our health.  This essential piece of the puzzle is important because it helps you understand why you are choosing the fast food instead of the fruits and veggies or sitting on the couch instead of exercising. 

First, really think about it and ask yourself the most important health question: Why do you want to be healthy? Next, ask yourself: What happens once you achieve your why? 

Lets give an example: You decide to lose 30 pounds for a reunion in three months. Your goal is to lose those...

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Nitrates in deli meats what is the truth?


What is the scoop on deli meats?

A 2005 University of Hawaii study found that processed meats increase the risk of pancreatic cancer by 67 percent.3Another study revealed that every 50 grams of processed meat consumed daily increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 21 percent.4These are alarming numbers. Note that these cancer risks do not come from eating fresh, non-processed meats. They only appear in people who regularly consume processed meat products containing sodium nitrite. Sodium nitrite appears predominantly in red meat products (you won’t find it in chicken or fish products). Here’s a short list of food items to check carefully for sodium nitrite and monosodium glutamate (MSG), another dangerous additive: 


Why are nitrites in deli meat?

According to the North American Meat Institute (NAMI), sodium nitrite is a salt and an antioxidant that is used to cure ham, bacon and hot dogs. It also stops the growth of botulism-causing bacteria, prevents...

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Fitness Excuses And Myths


1. “I would like to work out and eat better more but I’m so busy with work, kids and other activities, I just can’t find the time.”  

 Yes, this is my passion but reality is I have three children and for 3.5 years my husband worked out of state when our children were in the heart of chauffeuring them around to many sporting activities.  So I understand how hard it can be.  But, what is more important than your health?  If you don’t take care of yourself, you aren’t able to function to your maximum potential in your other roles.  Your exercise should be at the top of your priority list, rather than the bottom.  Prioritizing ourselves is a challenge for most of us.  We have good intentions but life takes over. This is where finding an accountability partner comes in and finding an exercise routine fitting into your normal schedule not something you ADD to your list of stuff to do....

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How much does nutrition affect our energy?


Does nutrition even matter?

Health Providers now believe that major health diseases are related to nutritional deficiencies. While they used to believe that diseases-such as type II diabetes, obesity, heart disease, stroke, and certain cancers- were caused by a single gene mutation, they are now attributing these conditions to a network of biological dysfunction. And the food we eat is an important factor in that dysfunction, partly because our diets lack the necessary balance of nutrients. Food naturally has vitamins, minerals, proteins, whole grains, fats/oils, and phytonutrients. The power in these nutrients is endless and can give our body all the energy we need!! Why don’t we get it? When we take our food and process it, add preservatives, genetically modify and even heat our food we change the physical and chemical structure and therefore change the nutrient density. I have 10 nutrition tips to help you eat foods with nutrient power get your energy back right now!  ...

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How do we make a lasting change with your health?


What is behavior modification?

Behavior modification is closely related to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in that it helps the person produce better outcomes in life. However, instead of focusing on negative thinking patterns or ideas, behavior modification focuses on how the conversations in your head leads us into feeling a certain way and then we DO certain action or behaviors. As long as those actions or behaviors are in alignment with what we want everything is great! If it is not then it sends us into destructive habits. 

We have approximately 60,000 thoughts per day, and 80% of those thoughts are negative thoughts and 90% of our thoughts are the same thoughts everyday!! Yikes! Even if we could change 1% of those thoughts to be positive think of the impact we can make on our lives! By taking the time to understand your thoughts, words or conversations we can understand the HUGE impact they can have on our lives. We can't possibly think about all 60,000 thoughts...

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How to Eat to Burn Fat?


There are many ways to eat different combination of foods to get weight loss results but today we want to talk about how to stabilize your blood sugar so your body believes you have enough. When your body believes it is stable and there is plenty of healthy food sources (vitamins and minerals) it releases the stored fat rather than holding onto it. The goal of our body is to get rid of excess unless it believes your energy source is scarce then it will hold onto fat.

We believe the best way to achieve this is to "Eat In 3's". This simple way of eating allows for your body to stabilize your blood sugar for longest length of time eliminating cravings, energy dips and fat burning to begin. 

How does "Eating In 3's" work? You choose a healthy carbohydrate (fruits and veggies), healthy protein and healthy fat. It is very simple! And fast food doesn't get any faster than fresh fruits and veggies!  

Here are a list of Eating In 3's Snack Ideas: 

  1. String cheese with...
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What is the silent killer?


Autoimmune conditions affect over 50 million Americans, a large percentage of whom are women. Autoimmune diseases are considered a top 10 leading cause of death in women under the age of 65. They come in many different varieties, including rheumatoid arthritis, type I diabetes, thyroid disease, lupus, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, Chrohns, Ulcerative colitis, celiac, graves, pancreatitis, hepatitis, chronic thyroiditis, hashimotos disease and more. It can cause many different types of symptoms all over the body that range from mild to severe in nature. 

What are autoimmune diseases?

Although there are many different types of autoimmune diseases and they can affect many different organs, at their core they are all similar in that they are an immune response caused by systemic inflammation that leads your body to attack itself. Your immune system has a very sophisticated system for keeping you safe that leads it to identify all of the foreign substances that enter your body...

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