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Weight loss doesn't have to be hard..follow this simple rule

So often we think we need to be 100 percent perfect with our diet to actually lose weight or to even maintain our weight. But in reality this is far from the truth. How accurately we see what kind of food we eat, how much food we eat and how much movement is in our life is the key to success. Our perspective plays a huge role in how much weight we lose. I have this rule if 80 percent of the time you eat healthy and 20 percent you eat unhealthy you will be able to maintain your weight and some people will even lose weight. Most people are very skewed on what they are actually eating and how much movement they doing. This is key to make any changes especially lasting changes. 

How do we know if we are skewed in how much healthy eating we do? The key is really taking a close look at our perspective. We must know the truth about what we are eating and how much. So often we guess and this can definitely give us a false answer. Let me give you an example: if you are baking cookies does it matter if you have one teaspoon or one tablespoon or one cup of flour? The exact measurements are key to having a so-so cookie or an amazing cookie. THis is why I can't bake. I DO NOT measure while I am cooking. It works in my favor when I cook my meals but as a baker you need to be precise. How much and what we are putting in our body matters!! 

We often don't realize how much we are putting on our plates. Or forget about the couple cookies we snacked on. Or don't count all the calories in our drinks. Or think we are eating 1/2 cup when in reality it is  closer to 1 cup especially if we go back for a second helping. I have these portion containers to help my clients see how much they are eating and so many times clients will say I can't believe how much I am over eating. This is especially easy when we eat processed foods (no nutrient density) versus eating fresh fruits and veggies. Processed foods don't fill us up because it is missing fiber and so we end up eating a lot more. 

The goal is to have a reality check on how much is actually going into your mouth. When you have to sit down and measure or write down everything you eat and then see how many calories are in your meal it can be eye opening or shocking! This is a crucial step in getting an accurate perspective on your health. I would even add getting a step tracker to give you exact amount of steps each day to hold you accountable for your reality with your movement.  Knowing accurate picture of your food intake and movement necessary piece to this health puzzle. There are many programs or apps to help you in doing this. If you need suggestions or help: [email protected]

Let's take a look at what 80/20 rule is to help you understand how to get a solid foundation with eating. 80 percent of the time you eat healthy fresh veggies, fruits and protein. Drinking lots of water. 20% of the time you can "cheat". Eating processed foods, desserts or drinks other than water. This very simple! This means if you eat 3 meals a day 7 days a week you have 4 meals where you can "cheat" per week.  For example: If you eat healthy (fresh veggie, fruit and protein) Sunday through Friday at lunch this is 80%. This still gives you Friday eve and all day Saturday to eat what you want. 

Sounds simple but here is what ends up happening. We INTEND to eat healthy on Sunday but there is a big football game and everyone is bringing appetizers and having a couple beers. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday goes good with the exception you had to go to kids activity after work Tuesday and ended up ordering pizza to get everyone something to eat quick. Thursday went ok with the exception there was a work luncheon and who can turn down free food even if it wasn't that healthy and there was happy hour with co-workers after work. Friday I was good at lunch but Friday evening I went out to dinner with friends and Saturday is always cheat day. This scenario puts you close to the 60/40 rule. This is NOT a lot of exceptions and pretty realistic if you are a busy working family but will also get you gaining weight. 

The key is to think ahead of when you will "cheat" and do NOT stray from this unless you are willing to swamp "cheat" times. You have 4 "cheat" times during the week. Seems like a lot but when you start to look at how many exceptions we make because we are busy, stressed or having fun it isn't very much at all. Be consciously aware of what times you know you will NOT succeed in healthy choices. 

So many of us have good intentions but when it comes down to it we end of giving into temptation. If you want to succeed with this you need to know what you are putting in your body and plan to cheat. Get crystal clear on how many calories are in different foods and this requires you to journal for at least 30 days to understand your habits and average calories you consume.  Most importantly how many exceptions to the rule are coming up for you? If you have any questions  email: [email protected]


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