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How do we make a lasting change with your health?


So much of our life we are in auto pilot mode. Just doing without really thinking about why we do things. People who are successful become consciously aware and see the opportunities in this world. They look for the solution or look for another perspective to get a solution. Followers think, see and talk about the problems.  Life is here to support you....look for the support and/or solution!

In order to stay into this mindset we need to define a few words like: behavior modification and auto pilot. These are modes we all fall into on a daily basis and keep us stuck in destructive patterns. The key to making lasting changes is AWARENESS! When we make conscious choices we get in the flow because we decide on where we are going instead of life happening to us! When you feel like life is just happening to you this becomes stressful and frustrating. Let's start with defining these terms. 


What is behavior modification?

Behavior modification is closely related to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in that it helps the person produce better outcomes in life. However, instead of focusing on negative thinking patterns or ideas, behavior modification focuses on how the conversations in your head leads us into feeling a certain way and then we DO certain action or behaviors. As long as those actions or behaviors are in alignment with what we want everything is great! If it is not then it sends us into destructive habits. 

We have approximately 60,000 thoughts per day, and 80% of those thoughts are negative thoughts and 90% of our thoughts are the same thoughts everyday!! Yikes! Even if we could change 1% of those thoughts to be positive think of the impact we can make on our lives! By taking the time to understand your thoughts, words or conversations we can understand the HUGE impact they can have on our lives. We can't possibly think about all 60,000 thoughts everyday so most of the those thoughts are in auto pilot mode and this is when we automatically do things. Thankful for this because there are many habits I like and don't want to think about it everyday: walking, talking, getting dressed, brushing my teeth, sometimes driving my car (yikes!), etc... 


Why does behavior modification matter or how does it impact our weight?

We believe everyone sees the world thru a “filter” and this filter greatly influences all areas of our life including our health. What color, shape, size, how chaotic your filter will greatly influence your decisions on losing weight. Good news!! You have total control over the filter.  That’s why as a health coach I use several assessments to help you understand YOUR filter but you can get clarity using the FREE tool located at the bottom of this article. 

What is auto pilot mode and why look at it? 

Most of us live in what is called: Auto Pilot Mode. Life is busy and lots of demands so instead of thinking about it we end up just doing constantly! By learning to take a look at your conversations around your life and health when in auto pilot mode, you will see how and why you created beliefs and/or feelings around your life and health. If these feelings and beliefs are negative they can lead us down destructive patterns. By understanding your triggers and how to break the habit, you are capable of creating new habits so you become successful in ALL areas of your life and ultimately this is what ensures creating a LASTING change.

Why is behavior modification so important?

All we are doing with behavior modification is teaching people how to look at the world with a NEW perspective so you can give yourself the life you wanted. Fulfilling your hopes and dreams that you decide to create. When we are in auto pilot mode life just happens to us and we end up repeating the same unhealthy patterns. This is especially true in areas where you KNOW you want change and think you have the perfect plan YET you still can't follow thru. Have you ever asked yourself “why does this black cloud follow me?” Or “just when I am getting to the point where I am getting ahead something goes wrong and I take 2 steps backwards.” 

We want to give you a tool to help you learn how to embrace change NOT by focusing on the action or plan to temporarily make changes but a tool to help you understand your thoughts, feelings and actions around the destructive habit so you can make a lasting change. The goal is to provide a tool so making decisions about living healthy or handling everyday stress becomes as easy and habitual as getting dressed or brushing your teeth, it’s a way of being.  Not a change for one week, one month or one year, a change for the rest of your life so you can become effective in relationships, work environment, personal health, spirituality and your own personal happiness!!


This is not something that just happens. It will require you to think about what area are you going into auto pilot and getting stuck! Just like anything else to succeed in our lives we have to FIRST decide to do it! Like when you wanted to go to college, or buy a home or get married. This didn't happen without a lot of focus to consciously get what you want and become successful. After we decide to get out of our own destructive patterns we need to spend a little time to understand what exactly is our: Auto Pilot Mode? Our conversations in our head holding us back?

Get the FREE tool here: FREE Embrace Change Tool

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