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Frustrated with repeating same destructive habits?


Behavior modification is a word most people avoid or are not really sure what it means. Here is a simple definition: Behavior modification is getting consciously aware of the conversations in your head, especially the ones keeping you in destructive patterns, and making adjustments to these conversations so change is easy. The key is asking questions to allow you to see what is ACTUALLY happening when you make destructive decisions. These empowering questions help you take a closer look at the conversations we have in our head so we have understanding and motivation to embrace change. Usually we spend so much time focusing on the action or diet to temporarily guide us and skip the behavior modification step keeping us repeating the same destructive patterns and not ever making a lasting change.

We want your perspective to create win-win opportunities so decision making and handling stress becomes as easy and habitual as getting dressed or brushing your teeth, it’s a way of being. Not a change for one week, one month or one year, a change for the rest of your life so you can become an effective leader in all areas of your life like: relationships, work environment, health, spirituality and your own personal happiness!

So why does behavior modification matter or how does it impact our weight? We believe everyone sees the world thru a “filter” and this filter greatly influences all areas of our life including our health. This “filter” is our perspective (or the conversations in our head) and how we interpret your perspective is through our words, thoughts and actions. What color, shape, size of your “filter” will greatly influence your decisions on losing weight. If we do not know what are our words or thoughts leading us to action then we end up on auto pilot. Auto pilot mode is when things just seem to happen to us instead of us deciding what we will do. 

Good news!! You have total control over your filter. That’s why as a health coach I use several assessments to help you understand YOUR filter (perspective or conversations in our head). One of these assessments is an ELI (Energy Leadership Index) assessment helping you understand your attitude towards your health in everyday life and when under stress what happens to your energy. We also have a food and fitness assessments describing your driving force for gaining or losing weight. And when we have stress or triggers how this changes your “filter” or conversations in our head. Finally we look at your emotional habits and how it empowers or disempowers you with your health. We call all these assessments your health score in “Create Health On The Go” program.

Remember sometimes it’s not easy to recognize it BUT emotional pain is the result of constructing and creating a disempowering meaning within our-selves. By changing our physiology, focus, language and meaning, we can shift to a more empowering state and make more empowering decisions. Each time I meet with clients we discuss in more detail behavior modification, how to incorporate in your daily life and how it affects your success in healthy living. Be patient with yourself because for most of us we have eaten unconsciously for many years and this may be difficult at first to discover what is really happening in your head while you eat or BEFORE you eat. Remember you have been eating the same habitual way for 5, 10, 20 maybe 50 plus years and change takes time. By taking steps to understand behavior modification you will be on your way to creating a new perspective and making a lasting change!! Take advantage of the FREE behavior modification guide we give to help you understand your destructive patterns called: Embrace Change Kit

If you have any questions or want more info regarding behavior modification please go to www.cldcoaching.com 

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