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Frustrated with repeating same destructive habits?


The Simple Solution To Stopping Yourself From Repeatedly Making The Same Mistakes

We all have experienced times when we keep repeating destructive habits even after we came up with the “perfect” plan to stop doing “it”. Most of us don't even know we are constantly talking to ourselves influencing our every move and how we feel. In fact, everyone has approximately 60,000 thoughts every day. Paying attention to these conversations is the first step to making a lasting healthy change with our destructive habits. They are very influential and most of us do not even know these private conversations are leaving us vulnerable to life just happening to us and disabling us!  

Why I Know This?

I first started this road of REALLY understanding my destructive talk when my husband and I were ready for divorce. My husband’s business was ready to file for bankruptcy after failing to recover from the 2008 economy crash and we were at an all time low. I felt like I had no control over what was happening to me. I was working my business but what my husband did with his business was out of my hands. The stress was killing our marriage and our ABILITY to even like each other. This put me on a path of getting real with myself and what I had been preaching to my clients for years about making healthy lasting changes. I was in a dark place making it FEEL impossible to put into play my own words!

I specialize in behavior modification and helping people define who they are and how do they live life staying in alignment with this person (TRUE WHO). This takes conscious effort! Up to this point in my life I had some “tough” times but nothing like this moment. And this was a true test of my ability to really dig deep to create awareness and not just let life happen to me! When life just happens to you we feel like we lose control and we don’t have a choice anymore in the cards we are dealt. This is a lie we tell ourselves because making conscious choices has a lot of vulnerability and this is UNCOMFORTABLE most of the time! Who wants to be vulnerable all the time? Most of us protect ourselves so we stay in the comfort zone but comfort zone ends up being a prison because it keeps us stuck! A prison most of us settle for because we don’t know any other way. Let’s start with explaining what behavior modification is and why it is important.

What is behavior modification?

Behavior modification is a word most people are not really sure what it means. Here is a simple definition: Behavior modification is getting consciously aware of the conversations in your head, especially the ones keeping you in destructive patterns, and making adjustments to these conversations so change is easy and in alignment with who you want to be. The key is asking yourself questions to allow you to see what is ACTUALLY happening when you make destructive decisions. The story we use to describe what is happening makes us feel a certain way and end up with a result or action. By asking ourselves empowering questions we help ourselves take a closer look at the conversations or story in our head. This gives us understanding and motivation to stay in alignment with who we want to be ultimately creating change. Usually we spend so much time focusing on the action or diet to temporarily guide us and skip the behavior modification step keeping us unconscious and repeating the same destructive patterns. When you are brave enough to define who you want to be and live life in alignment with your TRUE WHO this is when real change happens (and it’s easy)! Our TRUE WHO is knowing your morals, values and beliefs and when we make decisions based on this, then life is easy!

Why Is Behavior Modification Important?

We want your perspective or conversations in your head to create win-win opportunities so decision making and handling stress becomes as easy and habitual as getting dressed or brushing your teeth, it’s a way of being. Not a change for one week, one month or one year, a change for the rest of your life so you can become an effective leader in all areas of your life like: relationships, work environment, health, spirituality and your own personal happiness! When you begin to understand your TRUE WHO (means you live in the flow) you are able to make a lasting change.

How Does Behavior Modification Impact Us?

So why does behavior modification matter or how does it impact our health? We believe everyone sees the world thru a “filter” and this filter greatly influences all areas of our life including our health. This “filter” is our perspective (or the conversations in our head) and how we interpret your perspective is through our thoughts, feelings and actions. What color, shape, size of your “filter” will greatly influence your decisions in your life. If we do not know our thoughts, feelings, leading us to action then we end up on auto pilot. Auto pilot mode is when things just seem to happen to us instead of us getting to decide what we will do. 


What Can I Do To Fix It? 

Good news!! You have total control over your filter. That’s why as a health coach I use several assessments to help you understand YOUR filter (perspective or conversations in our head). But my assessments are not the only way. We all have the power within to get consciously aware!! We just need to decide to understand and take the time to listen to those private conversations we have in our head. There is a FREE worksheet to get you started on how do I do this: HERE

Remember sometimes it’s not easy to recognize our destructive patterns BUT often times the stories we have created are there to keep us in the comfort zone because there is a potential threat of feeling pain. Keep in mind, emotional pain is the result of constructing and creating a disempowering meaning within our-selves. By changing our physiology, focus, language and meaning, we can shift to a more empowering state and make more empowering decisions. Be patient with yourself because for most of us we have lived unconsciously for many years and this may be difficult at first to discover what is really being said. Remember you may have been living this way for 5, 10, 20 maybe 50 plus years and change takes time. By taking baby steps to understand behavior modification you will be on your way to creating a new perspective and making a lasting change!! Take advantage of the FREE behavior modification guide we give to help you understand your destructive patterns called: Embrace Change Kit

If you have any questions or want more info regarding behavior modification please go to: [email protected]

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