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What is Conscious Circles?


My specialty is behavior modification and this means I help people discover the conversations in their head keeping themselves stuck in destructive patterns. We have many tools to discover which of our 60,000 thoughts per day are holding us back. I want to introduce Conscious Circling as one of those tools. This is a fairly new concept but was created to provide a safe and open space for a small group of individuals to share and be heard.  Most circles form for the most basic reason of feeling supported with no other outcome or intention.  And these are very powerful yet simple formats to support and transform all who seek it. While in the circle, everyone creates intentions and accountability in all aspects of their life and many times the safe space creates opportunity for individuals to get answers by diving deeper into there understanding between conscious circling sessions. 


Why would we do this? Most of the time this group is for people who are seeking more peace, contentment, happiness and/or answers to what's happening in their life. If you want to understand some of your destructive habits or thoughts this a great tool to get started. 

So what exactly do you do? A Circle consists of five-six people who usually meet once a month for approximately 90-120 minutes.  The role of each circle member is to think of two questions to ask the group. The intent is to open the floor to two (2) heart-centered questions: What's worth talking about as a Group and What Needs to Come Out of You, right now?   You’ll be amazed what happens with those two prompts. There is a facilitator who is there to guide the group in a very light yet thoughtful manner.  There are guidelines around empathetic listening, no advising or solving and other wonderful ways to let each of our inner-teacher come out.   These rules evolve over time as the group finds its rhythm. 

How do I get into a Conscious Circle? You can start your own conscious circle within your community, or join an existing one. For more info on how to do this contact your local Conscious Circle. If you would like more info contact: [email protected]


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