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Covid 19 Is Causing Fear Based Living....How Do We Not Get Stuck In The Trap?

So many us have been affected by the Covid-19. There are many reasons why fear sets in: the possibility of the vulnerable loved ones getting sick like: children, elderly or those with weakened immune system, who will be quarantined and if so, for how long, how will this affect the economy or my pocket book, how will this impact us globally. Yes no one wants to get sick but the illness is not what will affect us the most this year, its the financial stress this will put on everyone. Most people will recover but the hit this will have on the entire world is hard to wrap our brains around. When we start to think about how this POTENTIALLY could affect us, we have a choice to allow fear or love guide us. Your choice!  These thoughts have power! Fear is normal to have and actually is there as a checks and balance to ensure you take the time to think about our choices. Fear also can be crippling. Fear only becomes unhealthy when we allow it to hold us back from experiencing life to its fullest. 

How does fear impact us?

Fear is there to give you the pause to think about what is happening and give you choices to weigh out. This pause is such a beautiful gift because it gives you the time to objectively look at all angles. So often we see these unknown options as scary rather than options or an adventure. Your body will have the same physiological affects no matter what words you use: scary or adventure. The only difference is one brings fear and one brings joy. One is keeping us stuck and one moves us forward. Both bring on caution but one holds us back.

It is so important to remember everyone has something that brings up fear for them. I was listening to some amazing mentors on how do we get out of fear based living and lean into love based living. It really hit me when they talked about black and white thinking keeping us stuck. This black and white thinking keeps us rigid and seeing things with fear instead of opening up our perspective and respond with love and courage. So how do we shift to love based thinking? The key is to connect with our heart and intuitive side. We live in a world where we get caught up doing instead of being present in the moment. I am guilty of this myself because I am so driven and focused on getting my list done and being productive. This productive doing mode keeps me stuck in my head and not in tune to my intuitive side (my heart space).

(4) Easy Steps Get In Touch With My Heart Space So I Can Stay Out Of Fear Based Thinking? 

1. Take A Pause:  My intuition recognizes and understands fear but continues to move us into life where things just happens or easy (heart space). Not that you won't have fear but you are able to move forward WITH the fear knowing this is NORMAL. Fear is there to protect you and give you a "pause" to think about what is happening around you. What does a pause mean? Rather than emotionally auto responding to life circumstances or stress, we take a moment to see everything happening around you from an observer view point and allow this information to guide your intuition. So often we are in such a hurry we forget to take a moment to see things aren't happening to US or there to make us miserable but there to give you direction or clues. This is called the pause and it's your friend. 

How do we integrate the pause? Step into observer mode. When we are an observer we are able to see many perspective not just our perspective. When we are able to see many perspectives, we are able to make a love based decision. So many times we auto respond with anger, hurt, or sadness. This often leads us feeling guilty for our actions. When you feel like you want to auto respond to ANY situation this is a great time to take a pause. Give yourself some space to think and step into observer mode so you can give a loving response. 

2. Silence is a great tool to help you listen to your intuition and get grounded. This Covid 19 has brought in a lot of panic for people. Instinctually we want to respond and kick in auto pilot mode. By taking time to get silent we are not only giving ourselves a much needed pause but also getting in touch with our intuitive side. We all have this instinctual way of knowing called intuition but we are in such a hurry DOING and staying busy, we end up not seeing or hearing all the signs given to us. Everyday take time to get quiet. Listen to the silence for answers. Most of us have a name for this silence (prayer, meditation, etc) but it doesnt matter what we call it as long as we know its the key to finding peace and not responding fear based. Plus it is FREE and available to anyone! And when we take time to get quiet we get answers in alignment with our morals, values and beliefs (TRUE WHO).  

3. Find time to see the opportunity. Is what you are doing in alignment with your TRUE WHO (morals, values and believes)? First you need to know who you want to be and become. If you have read any of my post you will know I talk about the 60,000 thoughts we have each day. Most of the those thoughts we do not speak. This means we have A LOT of private conversations in your head influencing how we feel about what's happening and directly affecting what we do. This is the key to making a lasting change in ANY area of our lives. Our mind has POWER! When we realize change starts with understanding those private conversations we have in our head...this is when you stop the destructive cycle of allowing life to HAPPEN to you and start leading! If fears are only true in our minds then we need to decide if we will allow it to holds us back or embrace the fear and keep charging forward. Remember it is normal to have the fear. What is NOT normal is allowing the fear to stop you from doing what you want. Take a moment today to listen to the words in your head and see opportunities surrounding you! They are always there it's just a matter of what we focus on mind on....fear or love?  

4. Planting the seed-Take some time to think about what you want and the end result. We call this planting the seed. When you plant the seed you focus on the opportunities and abundance around you and know what you want the end result to be. Giving your mind an idea of what to think about and how to feel. When we plant the seed it takes time just like the seeds we plant in the garden. Be patient, fertilize your seed, water it and watch it grow. Baby steps forward because what you are doing today is giving you tools or connections for the future. We may not have any idea what the future is or looks like but we don't need to understand it to plant the seed. 

I hope today you are able to get out of your head and in touch with your heart space. Do you allow fear or love to be your best friend guiding you to make healthy choices or stopping you?

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