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Fear Can Be Disabling.. Here Is A Tool To Overcome It?

How do we get fear?

If you have read any of my post you will know I talk about the 60,000 thoughts we have each day. Most of the those thoughts we do not speak. This means we have ALOT of private conversations in our head influencing how we feel about what's happening to us and directly affecting what we do. This is the key to making a lasting change in ANY area of our lives. Our mind has POWER! When we realize change starts with understanding those private conversations we have in our head...this is when you stop the destructive cycle of allowing life to HAPPEN to you and start leading! 

Fear or Courage Directing Your Life?

Today I am talking about how we stop allowing fear to control our lives. So many factors of our life need action and we have a choice to allow fear or courage to direct us. Your choice! We all know this is truth because we have all had amazing ideas and after some time thinking about it we come up with a million excuses as to why we CAN'T. Fear is the feeling creeping into our thoughts causing us to take action or NOT. These thoughts have power!  

Fear is normal to have and actually is there as a checks and balance to ensure you take the time to think about our choices. Fear also can be crippling. Fear only becomes unhealthy when we allow it to hold us back from experiencing life to its fullest. Everyone has something that brings up fear for them. What it is or how much it holds us back, varies for everyone.

Some people it is fear of being rejected, losing money/job, getting in an accident, driving in bad weather, loving and getting hurt, getting cancer, dying too young, burying your children or loved one, confrontation, anger, etc.. As kids the fears are smaller like: the dark, monsters, losing mom and dad, not having friends, etc. Then we realize with maturity how these fears are usually not true and we let go of the ridiculousness.

Why do we have fear?

Fear is there to give you the pause to think about what is happening  and give you choices to weigh out. This pause is such a beautiful gift because it gives you the time to objectively look at all angles. So often we see these unknown options as scary rather than an adventure. Your body will have the same physiological affects no matter what words you use: scary or adventure. The only difference is one brings fear and one bring courage. One is keeping us stuck and one moves us forward. Both bring on caution but one holds us back. 

If fears are only true in our minds then we need to decide if we will allow it to holds us back or embrace them and keep charging forward embracing the fear. Remember it is normal to have the fear. What is NOT normal is allowing the fear to stop you from doing what you want.

Do you allow fear to be your best friend guiding you to make healthy choices or stop you from doing what you want? 

Where is fear limiting you?

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