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Simple Solutions To Eat Healthy


There are many ways to eat different combination of foods to get weight loss results but today we want to talk about how to stabilize your blood sugar so your body believes you have enough. When your body believes it is stable and there is plenty of healthy food sources (vitamins and minerals) it releases the stored fat rather than holding onto it. The goal of our body is to get rid of excess unless it believes your energy source is scarce then it will hold onto fat.

We believe the best way to achieve this is to "Eat In 3's". This simple way of eating allows for your body to stabilize your blood sugar for longest length of time eliminating cravings, energy dips and fat burning to begin. 

How does "Eating In 3's" work? You choose a healthy carbohydrate (fruits and veggies), healthy protein and healthy fat. It is very simple! And fast food doesn't get any faster than fresh fruits and veggies!  

Here are a list of Eating In 3's Snack Ideas: 

  1. String cheese with nuts, and fruit
  2. Cottage Cheese, chia seeds and fruit
  3. Soynuts and Figs
  4. Dry roasted edamame with fresh fruit
  5. Beef Jerky with peppers (or any fresh veggies)
  6. Chia seeds dipped in any fresh fruit
  7. Greek Yogurt with almonds and fresh fruit
  8. Protein pretzel sticks-gluten free (Kays) with fresh veggie
  9. Nature Valley Protein Granola with fresh fruit
  10. Kefir Cultured Milk Smoothie Probiotic
  11. Hard boiled eggs with fresh veggie
  12. Simply Protein Chips with hummus
  13. Nuts-trail mix
  14. Pumpkin seeds with fresh fruit
  15. Celery/apple with nut butter with raisins or almonds
  16. Protein shake with greek yogurt and frozen fruit (shake ideas listed below)
  17. Tofu sticks with fresh fruit
  18. Hummus dip with celery or peppers
  19. Rice cake with peanut butter and fruit
  20. Rollup turkey slice and fresh veggie or fruit

Eating in 3's can be easier and faster than going through a drive thru restaurant without all the fat and processed crap! But it does take a little planning. Pick a time once a week to go to the grocery store (or order food online) and figure out the best way to pack yourself some healthy foods every day. Grab and go foods so if you have a busy day you are still able to stabilize your blood sugar. Plus this really sets you up to succeed with overeating at night. When we go long periods of time without eating we have a tendency to overeat in the eve (the worse time to overeat). I will even save myself a snack for the car ride home because if I don't I usually want to grab chips, sweets or anything quick and crappy until I can get dinner ready. 

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