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(6) Ways To Kick Your Butt When Feeling Unmotivated


(6) Ways To Kick Your Butt When Feeling Unmotivated

I am feeling very unmotivated with very low energy levels this past couple weeks. How many of you are feeling this dip? What is it? I have time to get projects done and do the long list of stuff I never have time to do BUT I don't want to do any of them! Why? I am an extravert and it is easy to see how NOT having people around me may be affecting me but are introverts feeling the same lack of drive?

How is connection to friends, co-workers, work performance, etc.. related to our drive or mental health? This connection with others is rooted to our emotional well being even for introverts. We are in this huge pause and how is this pause affecting our ability to connect with those around us. There are many opportunities to connect thru social media, zoom, phone, etc.. and a good share of people who are working from home are using these formats but are still feeling this lack of motivation.

There are many factors to consider and one being the NEW stresses we have. So many of us thought this working from home would be better because we get rid of stress like traffic, pressures of deadlines, getting dressed up each day, being at the mercy of other peoples energy at work, keeping your energy level high at the office, etc... Most of us didn't consider staying at home would have its own set of stresses like: how to work with a significant other, teaching or having children at home, financial stress with economy taking a hit, how to stay focused at home with external factors interrupting our flow, how do I monitor my performance and is anyone even watching, how do I inspire myself when there is no other co-workers energy surrounding me, etc... This extra stress along with lack of connection to others are leaving people feel uncertain in the new normal, isolated and unmotivated. 

When individuals develop feelings of being isolated, what happens to the health of the individual? People who have good emotional health are aware of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. However, many things that happen in your life can disrupt your emotional health. These can lead to strong feelings of lack of motivation, stress, or anxiety. Even good or wanted changes can be as stressful. Regaining connection with those around and not feeling this new normal is stressful starts with understanding your thoughts creating feelings and ultimately leading or NOT leading you into action. 

How to motivate yourself and build connection with others?

1. Setup routine: We all need some things in our life to be constant. There are many things you can keep the same. For example consistency Mon-Fri with bedtime and wake up times is essential. This allows for you to keep normalcy in non-normal times. This allows you to set routine with getting ready for the day and preparing your mind for work or whatever needs to get done. Even if you are not working we need to trick your brain into purpose and focus each day. 

2. Plan for FUN and Laugh (find joy): This is something we need to do everyday!! But most of the time when we are around others it happens in an unplanned fashion and most of the time we don't know it brings us joy until it's GONE! Consciously invite things into your life that you find FUN!! Laughter is the key to finding joy in your life. I watched an Ellen video the other day and I laughed till my face and stomach hurt. I actually went back to watch the video several times and this is when I got my first hint I needed more joy in my life. The feeling of a laugh that makes your gut hurt is so addicting!! 

3. Baby steps to making progress: Know whenever we have ANY change it takes time before it feels comfortable. This is normal!! Embrace the uncomfortable feeling of this and take baby steps to the comfortable world. All change becomes normal at some point. 

4. Celebrate the baby steps: Take time to relish in your effort to go into uncomfortable zone. This is something most of us don't do. We keep looking ahead and forget to celebrate the awesome-ness of right NOW! The present moment is where the JOY is and taking time everyday to enjoy it will bring more happiness to your life. 

5. Reward yourself: Set up ways to reward yourself for going into the uncomfortable zone. We do this at work, when we get healthy, when we save money, etc. Why would this be any different? 

6. Connect with others: We ALL need time to connect with others! Yes introverts don't need as much and extroverts need A LOT more but we know connection is important in EVERY human. Find what way to connect for your personality and make a conscious effort to get it. This fills your soul. 

For more information on how to get more consciously aware of how to get yourself out of destructive habits get this FREE worksheet: HERE Embracing change has never been easier! 


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