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5 Simple Strategies To Feel Amazing Over The Holidays


Most of us really struggle from Halloween thru January with keeping our weight under control. There are many reasons for this including the change in weather and length of hours in the daylight but for most the biggest reason is all the holidays jammed into a 2 month time frame. These holidays are reason for most to over indulge and start down the destructive mind set, "well I have too many functions to get thru the next few months so I will just start on getting healthy in January." Or "I messed up already so I will get on track next week." Or "My day was stressful I deserve this drink or pie or no workout."

What do you say to yourself justifying your destructive habits with your health? How many of you are guilty of this? Its part of human nature to be full of excuses! This year can be different! All you have to do is take a moment to listen to the thoughts holding you back and spend a little time to set yourself up to succeed.

Its a lot like anything you were successful at in your life, you had to spend some time thinking about your plan and how to finish strong. For example: college (where you go and how to study when you had to work and fun surrounding), getting married (we spend endless hours and money planning for ONE DAY!!), buying a house, having children, etc... 

Staying healthy isn't any different. The only difference between a healthy person and unhealthy person is the healthy person chooses to spend time to figure out how to set themselves up to succeed. They choose to go the extra mile. What type of person are you? In college, did you choose to party instead of study? If so, how well did that go for you? We all know those people who can just get by without much effort with health, studying and getting the perfect job but this is not the norm. Most of us need to really put some time an  energy on figuring out how to be our best. This includes planning. 

The holidays are not any different. They require you to figure out how to get in your movement so your metabolism can stay up and burn your fat. You need to plan on eating healthy or you will end up eating the first thing in front of you because you wait too long and are starving! This plan only sets you up to fail.

So why are holidays any different? If you know you love the food on Thanksgiving and you will probably go for second plate then set into play some things to help you from overeating. Did you know the average Thanksgiving meal is 3000 calories and that is NOT including drinks and dessert!! Include drinks and dessert and its around 4500 calories YIKES!! This would take an average person (185 pound person) runner 90 minutes. 

Here are 5 tips to help you succeed:

1. Plan to move! This can mean a fabulous workout in the morning but it also could mean literally just move around. Go for a walk before the festivities if you are feeling sluggish or just move around in your house if the weather is nasty. 10,000 steps per day will keep your metabolism up and weight stable NOT gain. This doesn't have to mean you have to get sweaty JUST MOVE. 

2. Set yourself up so you don't have the urge to over indulge. Eat a solid fiber rich food before you eat like any berry or raw veggie with protein. Or if you don't have time or don't want to eat twice put chia seeds in water and drink 1-2 hours before your holiday meal. 

3. Slow down how fast you are eating. When we eat fast we don't give our brain time to let us know we are full. Wait 20 minutes and drink water before going back for second plate. 

4. Mindful eating -eat half and drink water at your meal. Save other sugary or alcoholic drinks for after or before you eat. We have a tendency to drink more with dinner and those calories add up fast!

5. Drink two glasses of water when you first get up. Starting your day with two glasses of water boost your metabolism by 30%.  

Remember the holiday is only one day and one day off isn't going to get you to gain weight. It is the two months of continuously being off with your nutrition and exercise that gets you in a pattern of destructive habits. 

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