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We Are Missing The Boat On How To Get Change

I am guilty of living in auto pilot mode and this numb state serves a purpose in my busy world. But this keeps me stuck in a rut focused on my own world and forgetting to take a moment to understand what I do affects others. I am just "DOING." Busy doing keeps me disconnected from everyone including myself. This disconnect helps me get things done in a fast pace world but also shuts off my emotions leaving me feeling empty and acting selfish.

In the turn of events this past week our world has experienced so much  anger towards injustice and rightfully so. I wonder how much of this frustration is because of people like me who have been so busy in auto pilot mode and have not stopped to see the injustice happening right in front of me. I am ashamed of my ignorance I had towards the inequality going on around me. The sadness I felt when I saw injustice happen but thinking it was rare injustice not a regular occurrence. And how different I would feel if this was my child. The RAGE I would feel! And then I think about how angry I would feel if I didn't see change year after year. 

It is understandable how this horrifying murder has struck fury through so many. And it's time to get out of auto pilot mode and start figuring out how to implement real equality into our world. I have sat around talking about the news stories that are horrible but not taking any action to insist on REAL change for ALL humans so everyone has the same opportunities. I believe it starts with love. 

Love is the key to moving anyone and anything forward. When we can see love in everyone it changes everything. Right now we are seeing a world of destruction with fear as the driver. Fear has been the captain of Covid 19 and now this movement towards equality. If love was the soul driver you wouldn't see people destroying property and looting. This only brings more division and anger.

We show REAL love when we understand the despair and challenges in different races and communities. Use this info to know how we educate, communicate and give equal opportunity to ALL! This is love! This fills the need we all have to feel connected and desire to succeed. How we define what this means for everyone will vary but at least all have the same opportunity. 

This past week has changed me forever! I will no longer stay in auto pilot mode just getting by without awareness of how my actions affects those around me. Taking action to see REAL change happening. Understanding the real opportunity is to connect us all through loving actions so we can find true peace. 

Changing thoughts...changes feelings...changes your life! For more info: www.cldcoaching.com 


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