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(7) Lies We Tell Ourselves Keeping Us From Losing Weight

Our conversations in our head give us so many excuses as to why we can't succeed with our health. Our excuses feel like truth for us and they keep us stuck. We are just lying to ourselves! We say so many untrue things so we can justify our actions or inaction. 

The 60,000 thoughts we all have each day bring in a lot of unnecessary conversations with ourself. There are 5x more words we say to ourself than  the words we say out loud. This means we have 5x more influence with the conversations we have in our head with OURSELF. Our words have POWER!!! When we decide to pay attention to those words is when we can start making a lasting change. 

The key to making a lasting change is looking at those conversations in our head and lining them up with our beliefs so making decisions is easy! When I say easy I mean like getting dressed everyday. Have you ever wondered why some things you want are easy and just happen? And other things you really want seems impossible? There is a secret to this....you need to make decisions in alignment with your beliefs/values so you are in the flow and things happen easily. 

By understanding what your beliefs are and aligning them with your actions you are in the flow where things just happen. It is easy! This is where you want your health to be. Let's take a look at what excuses you say to yourself holding yourself back and how do we turn them around to get what you want. 

Top (7) excuses stopping us from achieving our health goals and how to overcome them with new empowering thoughts: 

1. No time to eat healthy or exercise

The best fast food is fruits and vegetables! There is no prep. They are raw and ready to go. They are loaded with nutrient value giving our body lots of power. Even the fast food restaurants take longer than grabbing fresh fruit or vegetable and most gas stations carry them. Exercise can be done every time you get in and out of your car or go to the bathroom or get up from your desk. All you have to do is  by consciously take the longest walking route. Everyday take 5-10 minute breaks (which most of us do when we get a coffee or visit with co-workers) except this time make a conscious choice to grab a friend/co-worker and talk while you walk. Or fit in some strength training like squats, leg lifts, or wall sits. Not only is it good for you but it will also give you a boost of energy. 

2. Too exhausted to be healthy

Exhaustion is the name of the game as humans. We all get tired no matter if you have exercised or sat all day. The only difference is one gives you a chance to living a better quality of life! But at the end of the day everyone is tired! If this is normal then what we need to talk about is what is NOT normal. It is NOT normal to sit around all day, our bodies were meant to be active. And there are perks to being active like fighting off many chronic diseases, increased brain function, weight loss, better sleep, strengthen your muscle/bones, improves your mood and energy. What does sitting get you? Increases the aging process and leaves the door open to inviting in many diseases, weight gain, depression, and the so much more. Basically being tired is part of living, so getting up and moving gives your body the heads up on getting your body the best quality of life. 

3. I can't give up sugar

Sugar is like crack! Once you start it is very hard to stop having cravings. We often think what's the harm in one piece of candy or small bit of treat. But this spikes your blood sugar and this means the blood sugar will drop. When it does the craving for more will be strong! If you stay away from it the cravings stop. So often we believe we can have a little bit. Its like dangling a steak in front of a dog or a drink in front of an alcoholic. Your body knows what it is and we all have dips of energy during the day, recognize these dips and set yourself up to succeed. For example: everyday I have a dip around 2:00. I know this is when I will crave sugar. I work from home so I put out a piece of fruit on the counter in the morning to grab so when this happens or before it happens, I am prepared. I have it as a rule to eat the fruit first and then if I still want the sugar treat I can have it. I don't crave it after I eat the fruit and there isn't the consequences of eating the "crack!"  Some people need to baby step giving up sugar and some need to go cold turkey but either way the conversations you say in your head about how much harm it will have on your body WILL make a difference!

4. I travel too much to make healthy choices

Learning how to set yourself up to succeed in any environment is the key to making a lasting change. Think about how often your life is normal? We have weekends, vacations, happy hour, visitors, holidays, birthdays, work events, etc... There are more exceptions to life than there is routine. When we realize this we understand how we can get off track easily and months or years go by before we realize our weight is really off. So to set yourself up to succeed you need to find healthy ways in ALL environments and choose when you want to cheat. If you don't get consciously aware then life happens to you and before you know it, you had 6 weeks of exceptions and gained 5 pounds. There is always healthy choices we just need to see them or PLAN to choose them. 

5. Diet plans are too complicated

Yes some are. Some people thrive with complicated because it gets them all in. Some of us don't thrive with complicated. I am one of those people. There are many ways to eat healthy. The way I choose to teach people is to pick a fresh fruit/veggie with a protein at every meal. This is not complex. No need to keep track of calories because if you do this it is very difficult to go over. Life is simple and you get nutrient dense foods which gives your body ENERGY in very simple ways! Its a win-win opportunity! 


6. I really don't like to exercise

This is common for most people especially if this hasn't been a routine for you. I have been exercising for over 30 years and the first 10 minutes there is a lot of swearing happening in my head. Then my body adjust and I have happier thoughts about making it through the workout. You don't have to love exercise to do it. There are many things I hate to do but I do it. For example: putting gas in my car (especially in the winter months when its freezing outside), waiting in lines, folding laundry, etc... How many times at work do you do things because it just has to get done? It's not because you love it but because its your job. Exercise is the same way. It is your job to keep your body healthy. Just because our bodies are amazing and will recover even if we feed it food with NO nutrients and give it NO exercise doesn't mean it's how it was meant to be. It just means your body is amazing! So find some kind of exercise that aligns with your fun value. 

7. Eating healthy is expensive

As a health coach I hear this a lot! I am perplexed by this. If you go to a fast food restaurant which is suppose to have quick inexpensive meals yet most meals cost $8-$10. I know if I go to the grocery store and buy $8.00 worth of fruit or veggie and protein I can get LOTS of options. Most fruit or veggie can be bought for $1 or less. So let's grab 2-3. And protein options are: salad bar cold and warm chicken, nuts, seeds, green leafy veggies, or grab prepared foods from deli like fish, chicken, ham, etc. All of these options are around $2-$4. This version is still cheaper than eating out at fast food restaurant plus its much healthier option! Even the gas station has many healthy options like fresh fruit, yogurt, hard boiled eggs, cheese, etc.. If you make all your dinners and eat leftovers than it gets cheaper. The only time it is more expensive is if you are use to having frozen boxed or meals from a bag. This processed food is cheaper but it is also very low in nutrient density so it will leave you feeling hungry and ultimately eating and costing more in the end. 

If you want more info on how to turn around your conversations in your head to get out of destructive habits try this FREE Embrace Change Kit here: https://www.cldcoaching.com/freebie


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