"Changing Thoughts....Changes Feelings...Changes Your Life!"
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Easy Solution To Thrive When There Is Stress

Stress is something we all experience. There is no getting away from it. But it doesn't have to be something that takes us down. When we feel stress it is because we have labeled what is happening as something that is uncomfortable and FEELS stressful. Everyone is different as far as what they would label as stressful. Therefore stress for each person only exists within our own thoughts.  Since stress only exists in our head, we have a choice on how we label each situation. Our label is creating the stress. 

Keep in mind we all have approximately 60,000 thoughts per day. We only speak about 10,000 thoughts per day, this leaves us with 50,000 private conversations within our mind. Those 50,000 thoughts have POWER or influence over us! Our thoughts lead us to FEEL a certain way. For example if you perceive a situation to be difficult or uncomfortable it  may FEEL stressful. This FEELING of stress in turn decides on what kind of action you will take or inaction. Some people really thrive within stress and others don't. Some people thrive with only CERTAIN kinds of stress. The most important take away is understanding how well you do under stress. If it sucks up your energy and you are exhausted or a negative physical response then this is a disempowering end result.  You would definitely benefit by finding new empowering ways to label the situation giving you a more empowering end result. 

This might be as simple as not using the word stress. This has a negative connotation and most people have a description of how this feels in their body already. So even if the situation isn't really stressful, but you are still labeling it as stressful, your body will have the same reaction as a really stressful situation. I don't want my body responding to a stressful day at work the same as an emergency situation. They both can be stressful but I would prefer my body going thru the physiological effects of flight or fight response. Think about how different your day at work would be if you have a new deadline for a project and 10 things go wrong but your label is "this is normal to have things not work out and everything will get done as needed." If you could truly believe this to be true think about how much less stress you would feel. 

This is not an easy concept to embrace especially if for years you have been an over responder and thriving on the adrenaline rush of stress. But if you are looking for a less stress life and more energy this is a great start! It all starts with your perspective and how you are labeling what is happening. Your choice! I have a great tool (FREE) to help you understand how to turn around your destructive thoughts. HERE

Changing thoughts...changes feelings...changes your life! 

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