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How To Choose Healthy When Comfortable Is Easier

We have all said it, "I am going to get back on track next week." Next week comes and we have an excuse why it needs to wait ONE MORE day. The excuse trap becomes our best friend and we end up on the endless road of excuses keeping us stuck in the comfortable zone. 

The trick to stopping this viscous cycle is to create awareness about your comfortable zone and BE HONEST...no more lies!! This is usually the most difficult step because it's easier to just keep doing things the way we have always done things without any rhyme or reason. This is true even if what we are doing doesn't get us the results we want but simply because it's easy. This is normal behavior for ALL humans. We try to take the path of least resistance and in this case it means what is comfortable NOT the uncomfortable road (new habits).

By going to the uncomfortable zone and doing something different we have a chance to see results! After all the uncomfortable zone is where all the growth happens! It starts with understanding what we are saying to stay in the comfortable zone. Most of us do not pay attention to these words keeping us stuck. This is an essential first step to making a lasting change.

Let me give you an example: When I get home from a long stressful day I don't want to make ANYTHING for dinner much less go out of my way to find something healthy. It is much easier to go into auto pilot mode and do what I have always do when I am tired, order pizza. The words I use to justify pizza is: "I deserve pizza after today" or "Its just one night and I will make up for it tomorrow" or "too tired to make something healthy". And normally one night of pizza isn't going to set anyone off on their weight loss goals but usually it's not just one night. Usually it is one night after another of excuses as to why I am justified to not eat healthy, leading to many nights of unhealthy habits. 


If I know these are the lies I tell myself to excuse my "cheat"  then I need a plan to set myself up for success the next time I use these lies. How? Come up with a plan to counteract its negative consequences. For example if my excuse is"I deserve pizza after today" instead use these words: "yes everyone has stressful days but I have too many stressful days to eat crappy each time so I will pick a healthy veggie before pizza to ensure I get the nutrients I need to stay on track the rest of the night and prevent me from eating too many slices of pizza." I keep on hand many options for quick healthy veggie options so I can grab and go. For example: bag salad, precut fresh veggies ready to go in fridge, frozen bag of veggies with seasoning, etc... What would work for you to grab a healthy food before you eat your pizza?

By having a healthy food option on hand for me keeps me from overeating pizza, keeps me on track with health goals and allows me to have a treat on stressful days. For me it is important to be realistic yet healthy. I need healthy options at ALL times so its easy for me to choose healthy. This is the key factor for MY success. What's your key factor so you succeed? 

What are your excuses or lies you tell yourself to justify eating junk food?  What are ways you can set yourself up so the next time you go off course it's easy to counteract your unhealthy choice. Remember the key to success is to create awareness around what you are saying and create a plan to to help you stay healthy. If you are unsure how to get started here is a FREE worksheet to get clarity on the conversations in your head keeping you stuck: HERE

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