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80% of people regain the weight they lost



How Do We Lose The Weight Forever?

This statistic is alarming. Most of us at some point in our life have been on a mission to lose weight or become healthier in our choices so we have more energy, have a world wide health scare or have some event where we want to look our best. The facts are 80% of people who lose at least 10% of their body weight gain the weight back if not more. What is the missing link in this? I believe most people do not consider the power of our thoughts keeping us stuck in destructive patterns with our health.  This essential piece of the puzzle is important because it helps you understand why you are choosing the fast food instead of the fruits and veggies or sitting on the couch instead of exercising. 

First, really think about it and ask yourself the most important health question: Why do you want to be healthy? Next, ask yourself: What happens once you achieve your why? 

Lets give an example: You decide to lose 30 pounds for a reunion in three months. Your goal is to lose those 30 pounds and your why is to look and feel great at the reunion. Your motivation is high, so you dive right in, setting realistic and attainable goals, and, three months later, you did it! You lost those 30 pounds and you dropped 15 percent in body fat. 

What is going to keep you moving forward and progressing with your health?

Now What? Your why and goals have both been achieved. You tell yourself, "I worked so hard so I'll take a week off, then jump right back on plan." A week passes, and the motivation just isn't there anymore. Instead of advancing or maintaining, you begin to regress with your health. Even though you really enjoyed the three months you lived the program, you are simply having a hard time getting back on the program. Why? 

The answer is simple: you didn't have a WHY strong enough to carry you through. The reality is no matter how physiologically sound a program is-if you are unclear on what intrinsically motivates (Your true WHY), you will always struggle with keeping the weight off. 

So how do you get clear with your why? 

Here are five questions to ask yourself:

1. Why do you want to achieve your goal? 

2. What will you get from achieving your goal?

3. What happens once you achieve your goal?

4. Is your why strong enough to keep you focused on health during life's challenges?

5. Is your why a short term why? If so what is your long term why? Example of long term why: I want to lose weight so I can have enough energy at the end of the day to go visit and play with my grandchildren. 

You got this! You know what has worked for you in the past to lose weight. Grab the food and fitness plan but this time make sure to include a strong WHY so you can make a lasting change. 

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