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7 Anti Aging Tips and Disease Defense Plan

Anti Aging & Disease Defense Plan

There is a connection between health in our internal systems and the outward youthfulness that results. We are being bom- barded with media news, new books, videos, and gadgets that promise results, making it more difficult to decipher this over- whelming information. “Knowledge is power” and with knowl- edge you have the power to make decisions and create change in your own life and help others to do the same.

It is well-known that to lower health risks, to slow the aging process, and bring about greater health and well-being, we must encourage every person (adult and child) to engage in healthy lifestyle practices on a daily basis. All bodies require the right type, volume and ratio of physical movement to rest and recover, the right nutrients to fuel and refuel the body, and even the right kind of positive thinking and sense of self iden- tity to defend our minds and bodies against aging, illness and disease.


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