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Gratitude is the greatest gift from God

This holiday is the best because all we have to do Is be grateful!!! A day off to think about how amazing our life is (and eat)! So here is some food for thought on gratitude the greatest gift God ever gave us:

  • Gratitude shields us from negativity
  • Gratitude makes you at least 25% happier
  • Gratitude rewires your brain
  • Gratitude eliminates stress
  • Gratitude heals your mind
  • Gratitude improves our sleep
  • Gratitude boosts self esteem and performance
  • Gratitude enhances the law of attraction
  • Gratitude improves relationships
  • Gratitude brings joy


These are some pretty impressive benefits. Gratitude changes everything and gives you a healthy perspective! How much time are you setting aside to be grateful? 

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