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We Are Missing The Boat On How To Get Change

I am guilty of living in auto pilot mode and this numb state serves a purpose in my busy world. But this keeps me stuck in a rut focused on my own world and forgetting to take a moment to understand what I do affects others. I am just "DOING." Busy doing keeps me disconnected from everyone including myself. This disconnect helps me get things done in a fast pace world but also shuts off my emotions leaving me feeling empty and acting selfish.

In the turn of events this past week our world has experienced so much  anger towards injustice and rightfully so. I wonder how much of this frustration is because of people like me who have been so busy in auto pilot mode and have not stopped to see the injustice happening right in front of me. I am ashamed of my ignorance I had towards the inequality going on around me. The sadness I felt when I saw injustice happen but thinking it was rare injustice not a regular occurrence. And how different I would feel if this was my child. The RAGE...

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(5) Benefits For People Who Love Routine When Life Presents Constant Change

People are funny about wanting routine in their life. How many of you get up in the middle of the night and go to the bathroom without turning on a light? I do. This is because I know the path to the bathroom and I can do it half asleep. Plus I don't want to wake up too much so it's easy to fall back asleep quickly. Routines keep us on moving without having to think. For some of us there is a small amount of their life is routine and for others most of their day/week is the same because routine feels like a security blanket. And when we live in a world where constant change is happening with no end in sight about "normal" coming back this can feel unsettling for those who cherish routine. I call this routine going into auto pilot mode. 

Auto pilot is an amazing thing to keep us from having to interpret  everything we do and making decisions. It is common for many of us to love automation when it comes to: getting dressed, how to drive our car, walking, going to the...

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