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How do we make a lasting change with your health?


So much of our life we are in auto pilot mode. Just doing without really thinking about why we do things. People who are successful become consciously aware and see the opportunities in this world. They look for the solution or look for another perspective to get a solution. Followers think, see and talk about the problems.  Life is here to support you....look for the support and/or solution!

In order to stay into this mindset we need to define a few words like: behavior modification and auto pilot. These are modes we all fall into on a daily basis and keep us stuck in destructive patterns. The key to making lasting changes is AWARENESS! When we make conscious choices we get in the flow because we decide on where we are going instead of life happening to us! When you feel like life is just happening to you this becomes stressful and frustrating. Let's start with defining these terms. 


What is behavior modification?

Behavior modification is closely related to...

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Frustrated with repeating same destructive habits?


The Simple Solution To Stopping Yourself From Repeatedly Making The Same Mistakes

We all have experienced times when we keep repeating destructive habits even after we came up with the “perfect” plan to stop doing “it”. Most of us don't even know we are constantly talking to ourselves influencing our every move and how we feel. In fact, everyone has approximately 60,000 thoughts every day. Paying attention to these conversations is the first step to making a lasting healthy change with our destructive habits. They are very influential and most of us do not even know these private conversations are leaving us vulnerable to life just happening to us and disabling us!  

Why I Know This?

I first started this road of REALLY understanding my destructive talk when my husband and I were ready for divorce. My husband’s business was ready to file for bankruptcy after failing to recover from the 2008 economy crash and we were at an all time low. I felt like...

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