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Covid 19 Is Causing Fear Based Living....How Do We Not Get Stuck In The Trap?

So many us have been affected by the Covid-19. There are many reasons why fear sets in: the possibility of the vulnerable loved ones getting sick like: children, elderly or those with weakened immune system, who will be quarantined and if so, for how long, how will this affect the economy or my pocket book, how will this impact us globally. Yes no one wants to get sick but the illness is not what will affect us the most this year, its the financial stress this will put on everyone. Most people will recover but the hit this will have on the entire world is hard to wrap our brains around. When we start to think about how this POTENTIALLY could affect us, we have a choice to allow fear or love guide us. Your choice!  These thoughts have power! Fear is normal to have and actually is there as a checks and balance to ensure you take the time to think about our choices. Fear also can be crippling. Fear only becomes...

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Fear Can Be Disabling.. Here Is A Tool To Overcome It?

How do we get fear?

If you have read any of my post you will know I talk about the 60,000 thoughts we have each day. Most of the those thoughts we do not speak. This means we have ALOT of private conversations in our head influencing how we feel about what's happening to us and directly affecting what we do. This is the key to making a lasting change in ANY area of our lives. Our mind has POWER! When we realize change starts with understanding those private conversations we have in our head...this is when you stop the destructive cycle of allowing life to HAPPEN to you and start leading! 

Fear or Courage Directing Your Life?

Today I am talking about how we stop allowing fear to control our lives. So many factors of our life need action and we have a choice to allow fear or courage to direct us. Your choice! We all know this is truth because we have all had amazing ideas and after some time thinking about it we come up with a million excuses as to why we CAN'T. Fear is the...

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