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Reducing or Increasing Fat


Did you know that the #1 killer here in the United States is heart disease- not cancer, diabetes or even automobile accidents, just plain clogging of the arteries. Lack of exercise and a diet of high in saturated fat foods is the reason Americans do not live longer. Most people take their health for granted until some life threatening event occurs and forces them to make a change. Reducing the fat in your diet can not only help you lose some of the excess pounds, but can also save your life. Of course, we are not saying to eliminate all the fat in your daily eating, but at least pay attention to the saturated fats sources. A moderate amount of healthy fat is needed for your body to function properly, have healthy hair and skin, and to give you energy for everyday activities.



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10 amazing benefits of gratitude (one of Gods greatest gift)

In America we live in a culture of going non stop with work, family, activities, social life and keeping up with immediate demands of a fast changing world. Having the corona virus hit United States has given us the beautiful gift of pause (or maybe an extended pause). Everyone in the last year we had a moment or many where we had to stop to make adjustments because our world keeps throwing us "curve balls". Each time the "curve ball" comes we can be flexible moving forward making a conscious choice or auto responding usually causing us to react out of alignment with who we want to be. This is a perfect time to pause. I see my unexpected time off work and home with my 15 year old is a great opportunity to be grateful (some days it is hard to see this perspective). Gratitude is the Mac daddy golden nugget in life! It has the potential to dissipate all fears, anger and sadness by stopping for a few minutes and focusing on all that we do have and LOVING it! 

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