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5 Simple Strategies To Feel Amazing Over The Holidays


Most of us really struggle from Halloween thru January with keeping our weight under control. There are many reasons for this including the change in weather and length of hours in the daylight but for most the biggest reason is all the holidays jammed into a 2 month time frame. These holidays are reason for most to over indulge and start down the destructive mind set, "well I have too many functions to get thru the next few months so I will just start on getting healthy in January." Or "I messed up already so I will get on track next week." Or "My day was stressful I deserve this drink or pie or no workout."

What do you say to yourself justifying your destructive habits with your health? How many of you are guilty of this? Its part of human nature to be full of excuses! This year can be different! All you have to do is take a moment to listen to the thoughts holding you back and spend a little time to set yourself up to succeed.

Its a lot like anything you were successful at in...

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