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(7) Lies We Tell Ourselves Keeping Us From Losing Weight

Our conversations in our head give us so many excuses as to why we can't succeed with our health. Our excuses feel like truth for us and they keep us stuck. We are just lying to ourselves! We say so many untrue things so we can justify our actions or inaction. 

The 60,000 thoughts we all have each day bring in a lot of unnecessary conversations with ourself. There are 5x more words we say to ourself than  the words we say out loud. This means we have 5x more influence with the conversations we have in our head with OURSELF. Our words have POWER!!! When we decide to pay attention to those words is when we can start making a lasting change. 

The key to making a lasting change is looking at those conversations in our head and lining them up with our beliefs so making decisions is easy! When I say easy I mean like getting dressed everyday. Have you ever wondered why some things you want are easy and just happen? And other things you really want seems impossible? There is...

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