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(6) Ways To Kick Your Butt When Feeling Unmotivated


(6) Ways To Kick Your Butt When Feeling Unmotivated

I am feeling very unmotivated with very low energy levels this past couple weeks. How many of you are feeling this dip? What is it? I have time to get projects done and do the long list of stuff I never have time to do BUT I don't want to do any of them! Why? I am an extravert and it is easy to see how NOT having people around me may be affecting me but are introverts feeling the same lack of drive?

How is connection to friends, co-workers, work performance, etc.. related to our drive or mental health? This connection with others is rooted to our emotional well being even for introverts. We are in this huge pause and how is this pause affecting our ability to connect with those around us. There are many opportunities to connect thru social media, zoom, phone, etc.. and a good share of people who are working from home are using these formats but are still feeling this lack of motivation.

There are many factors to consider and one...

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