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(10) Interesting Facts Why Water Is important In Your Health?

So many times we get to a point of frustration with our weight/health and we decide to take extreme action to get back on track. This can be very motivating short term but has great potential to set you up to fail for long term. 95% of people who diet vs make a lifestyle change... fail. YIKES! That is not very good odds. The key is to baby step your changes so living healthy most of the time is achievable. This includes when you are on vacation, have visitors, work meetings or happy hour with friends. The goal is to set up healthy habits so the new healthy habits are as easy as getting dressed everyday or brushing your teeth. You don't have to think about it....you just do it! 

Water is one baby step to really increase your health for many different reasons. Research has shown water affects every aspect of your body down to the cellular level since two thirds of your body is composed of water. If you want better health you must consider water as essential as rest, eating and...

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