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Weight loss tips anyone can start TODAY even if you are busy!

This is a topic so many of us know so well. Today I want to give you (8) simple steps you can start today without any extra time. This is usually the biggest excuse stopping us from losing weight because we live in a busy world. And time and energy is limited. So taking on new habits or diet takes both time and energy. All these steps can be started with minimum time and energy so it is easy to start right away! 


1. Eat in 3's. The key to losing weight is giving your body nutrient dense foods and to stabilize our blood sugar so we burn fat. We call this eating in 3's. You eat healthy fat, protein and carbohydrate. The healthy fat most of the time is already in our food because we add it or its already in the food. Healthy carbohydrates is raw fruits and veggies (quickest and healthiest fast food out there). Pick your protein, grab a veggie or fruit and if necessary (if not eating red meat or have added fat during cooking) add nuts, avocado or cheese for fat. Its that...

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