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Family Co-Workers Pushing Buttons Causing Chaotic Work Environment

The new normal for many people is trying to figure out how to work from home with kids. It doesn't matter the age of your children, all ages presents it's challenges. I have a 15 year old at home and he definitely believes he knows more than me and he doesn't need any structure.  The parents with first through fifth graders at home are struggling with completely different issues. As I talk to my clients, I hear frustration from ages 2 to 21! 

Working from home already has its unique challenges like: HOW DO WE GET ALL OUR WORK DONE WITH ONLY A COMPUTER? We are finding out some things are not available without in person contact. Also video meetings have their own frustrations like connection issues, interruptions, and not being able to read body language. Yes there are perks working from home but I am definitely seeing there are frustrations. 

This all would be easier to handle if we didn't have the added stress of children at home needing help with school, food and...

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