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How to FIND JOY in the FAST Lane?

Escape the conversations keeping you stuck!

The ONE Thing That Changes Everything.....

  • A GREAT career, or business or other professional endeavor. 
  • A GREAT relationship with spouse, family and friends. 
  • A life completely filled with true happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment. 

We offer employee workshops and one on one training to learn the ONE thing that changes everything...something that will skyrocket you to a whole new level of inner transformation. It's something you already have in your possession whether you know it or not. 


You CAN achieve greatness...when you are equipped with the right knowledge! All our Leadership programs start with the ELI Assessment. We customize our workshops to meet the needs of your company or employees after we see the energy level of YOUR leaders!

What is an ELI Assessment?

What is ELI?

The ELI is a tool to help us measure your level of energy based on your perspective of your world and how it influences you. Your perspective is subjective, it can be altered. By working with a coach using the ELI you can alter your attitude or perspective, make a shift in your consciousness and get on a path you decide is best.

This ELI assessment helps you understand your why. There is not right or wrong answer....just understand yourself better to recognize how you approach life, stress, health and relationships. If you understand your triggers and how to break the habit you are capable of creating new habits to aid in becoming successful in all areas of your life to ensure a lasting change.







What Does It Measure?

  • How do we view the world?
  • Understanding our actions and energy creates the path we are on.
  • What happens when you are stressed? Under stress do you revert to old behaviors?
  • When stressed how quickly do you rebound? What is your plan for how to address life?

How To Use This ELI Assessment?

It helps you to understand how to move yourself out of frustrating repetitive destructive habits. When you know what motivates and energizes you, it helps you to create opportunities giving yourself the life you want. We created a simple yet habitual way to include this in your daily life.

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What is an Energy Leadership Index Assessment?

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