"Changing Thoughts....Changes Feelings...Changes Your Life!"

Create Health Thru Mind Body & Spirit

 Simple ways online to create whole body health so creating lasting change is easy.

Who is Teresa?

What Makes Us Different?

We include behavior modification so there is a lasting change with habits.

Our program helps patients see destructive patterns so CHANGE is habitual and EASY!

We all have 60,000 thoughts per day and 80% of them are negative and 90% are the same thoughts each day.

This puts us in auto pilot mode to survive in our very busy world because we can't possibly comprehend all those thoughts.

It's no wonder this auto pilot mode with our thoughts can get us STUCK in destructive patterns with our health.

Our program helps people become aware of those thoughts holding them back and choose ones keeping them in alignment with who we want to be. 

Twin Cities Live Interview

Teresa explains with host how her beliefs from her childhood affected who she became and lead her into destructive habits.


Why Our Program?

It's another resource for your patients who might need the flexibility online provides and compliments your existing program.

  1. Group coaching support every week via zoom addressing destructive patterns with your health. 

  2. Daily encouragement and accountability to support you. 
  3. Recipes, webinars, worksheets and many other resources in our online program available to you 24/7.

  4. Community support so you can stay on track.

  5. Guided behavioral changes so making a lasting change is easy.

  6. Connecting mind, body and spirit so your WHOLE self is healthy. 

What's Inside My Program?

Kick those destructive health habits to the curb! We have an online whole body program with a BONUS behavior modification piece so making healthy choices is EASY!


What's Included in Program?

An EASY online health coaching program that deals with destructive patterns with your health so you can get lasting results!

Nutrition & Fitness (Body)

We believe in SIMPLE steps for your "ON THE GO" lifestyle so you can create RESULTS! You will be given practical but easy steps on fitness routines and eating healthy. Including the online program giving you recipes, worksheets, health tracker, grocery list, webinars and more to give yourself a solid foundation and maximize your energy! 

Behavior Modification (Mind)

Kick Destructive Habits To The Curb! Our thoughts have POWER! We have EASY yet effective steps to understand how your thoughts/words lead you to feeling a certain way and ultimately put you in destructive patterns. Instead we want being healthy to be EASY as getting dressed everyday. Something that is automatic so your body just does it. 

Sleep, Silence and Stress (Spirit)

Get Your Energy Back! Most of us our exhausted with no time and have tried everything to keep our whole body healthy but failed to make a lasting change. This program helps you look at holistic health (mind, body and spirit) with a different perspective getting YOU lasting results! We give you many tools to incorporate these three areas into what you are already doing so empowering your spirit is easy and doesn't take extra time. 

Group Coaching Support To Guide YOU

We are here to give you the support necessary to get results! We have 5 opportunities to get group coaching each week via zoom. We answer your questions, give you valuable info and COACH you. All meetings are recorded just in case you miss. My approach is tough love to inspire you and give you encouragement so new healthy habits become a DESIRE. Feel the support from a professional who has almost 30 years experience working with over 500,000 children, 10,000 adults in over 2,000 facilities. 

Get YOUR Confidence Back

Strengthen Your Self-Worth! You have unlimited access to the online program giving you assessments, webinars, worksheets and step by step strategies available anytime so you don't have to worry about missing a meeting or finding more time. All of these materials are here to support YOU only if you need it. Pick what you will use and watch your confidence soar as your weight loss comes EASY!



Accountability and Community Supporting YOU

Feel Supported By Embrace Health Community! Research shows you have a 95% success rate with an accountability versus 43% with out a partner. Join the exclusive facebook group of people who are committed to mastering their health. This is a great place to FEEL the support of a weight loss community or class without having to add more meetings to your calendar. 

Who is Teresa?

Behavior Modification Specialist

I help people learn how to embrace change NOT by focusing on the action or policy to temporarily guide them, but by asking key questions to allow them to easily see what is holding them back. We want you to become aware of your perspective so creating anything in your life and handling “stress” becomes as easy and habitual as getting dressed or brushing your teeth everyday. Our services include: Energy/Nutrition Assessments, Training Workshops, Online Programs and One On One Coaching.


"Teresa is an amazing coach and teacher. I feel so healthy and fit after following her guidelines on healthy eating and fitness. I always want to learn more from her! Forever grateful for her wisdom as I journey on with my new lifestyle of feeling great!"

Judy Madera
Director of Koala Bear

"I the 16 years I have known Teresa she has proven to be an asset to our school. She has shown to be reliable, trustworthy, and have an excellent work ethic which is a reflection of her abilities and hard work. Her knowledge of Health, Fitness and Education is outstanding!"

Jean Steele

"Teresa has greatly impacted not only my weight loss journey but she also opened my eyes to the excuses I made to myself. She made me look at my values and beliefs and the lies I was telling myself and then helped me with behavior modifications and goal setting. I have gone from an extremely overweight, inactive and depressed person to a joyful, daily exerciser who has lost 92 lbs and loves life! Thank you Teresa!"

Rebecca Hoffman

"Teresa guided me through my weight loss journey through one on one personalized nutrition coaching. Teresa has a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and expertise in nutrition and coaching. Her professionalism and vast knowledge in this field makes her a person you want to work with. I worked with Teresa before and after pregnancy. Before I was pregnant, she made sure I no longer craved for sugar and caffeine and walked 10k steps a day. During my pregnancy, she adjusted the program to fit my needs. Because of the changes I made with my eating habits, I no longer had gestational diabetes during my pregnancy; all thanks to her guidance and support. During my journey, one of the important things I discovered was I had food sensitivity I was never aware of. Teresa helped me understand the effects different foods had on my body which encouraged me to live a healthier lifestyle. The one trait I admire the most about Teresa is that she will hold you accountable and will not let you quit. She is relentless and puts her all into accomplishing her clients goal. I am glad I made permanent lifestyle changes. Thank you, Teresa!"

Idman Mohamed
Abria Recovery Center


We encourage a minimum of (6) months of enrollment but you can commit to as little as one month or go for years. The support and accountability make it easy for you to make a lasting lifestyle change. I am a nationally certified health coach thru NBC-HWC.

One on One Coaching & Group Coaching



Do you want to experience one on one coaching to advance yourself to new levels and group coaching. We offer a FREE Energy Leadership Index assessment when you choose this option. This assessment helps you understand your perspective making it easier to see how to move yourself forward. (3) private sessions per month plus group coaching and online program.

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6 month commitment

We believe behavior modification takes some time to really understand how to create a lasting change so we encourage you to commit to 4 months. This includes online program and access to group coaching 3x month. 

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Curious what our program is like but do not want to commit to 4 months then do a one month trial. This does not include online program. It gives you an opportunity to experience group coaching. 

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National Board Certificate Health & Wellness Coach

Professional Certified Coach

American Council of Exercise

ELI Master Practitioner


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