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The only thing holding you back is you!

Take the first step to your new healthy lifestyle. Let's take a look at the conversations holding you back!

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What's Included in Mindfulness Coaching

We teach you to become consciously aware and understand the energy around you so life flows easy.

ELI Assessment

Included in this package is the ELI (Energy Leadership Index)

Assessment and it is a series of questions to understand how you approach life without stress, and what happens to your mindset when you are stressed.

These conversations (perspective) we have in our head with or without stress determines how successful we are in all areas of our life. Because perspective is subjective, it can be altered.

By working with a coach during your strategy session and using the ELI you can alter your perspective, make a shift with your conversations in your head and achieve SUCCESS in all areas of your life.

This is behavior modification and is the missing piece in most weight loss programs.

Also included is an (11) page written debrief of this assessment for you to keep and reference in future. 

Valued $199

Values Assessment 

In this assessment we take a look at your values and create belief statements.

Most people create your values around the age 8 and do not look at them again as adults.

Our values shape our perspective and have a great impact on our belief systems. Our perspective and beliefs have great influence on what decisions we make and how much joy we invite into our lives.

This assessment has a powerful way of aligning our values and beliefs so when we experiences the stresses in life we have the tools to create a positive outcome and move ourselves forward rather then getting stuck in the muck.  

Valued $49

Debrief To Understand Assessment

If you have questions after reviewing the package we provide a solution.

 Do you have medical conditions and unsure on what changes can be made? Do you feel stuck in a rut with your health?

The strategy session, included in this program will give you the opportunity to setup a concrete plan considering your lifestyle so you can make a lasting change.

Use your strategy session to help you glue together this information to solidify your health plan and/or answer any questions you may have about the program.

This one on one session is an open format to make sure we meet your needs. 

Valued $129

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Who Is Teresa?

Behavior Modification Specialist

I help people learn how to embrace change NOT by focusing on the action or policy to temporarily guide them, but by asking key questions to allow them to easily see what is holding them back. We want ou to become aware of your perspective so creating anything in your life and handling “stress” becomes as easy and habitual as getting dressed or brushing your teeth everyday. Our services include: Energy/Nutrition Assessments, Training Workshops, Online Programs and One On One Coaching. 

Purchase Mindfulness Coaching for just $199 FREE guide to "Embrace Change Kit"

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