"Changing Thoughts....Changes Feelings...Changes Your Life!"
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One On One Coaching

Life throws us curve balls and this can feel stressful. Our program gives you the tools to create successful outcomes so life feels easy


Our one on one coaching is custom designed to fit your lifestyle.

Whether you are a busy person who wants to be healthy but doesn't have the time to meet or a person who prefers having the accountability partner pushing you, we can accommodate.

We offer simple practical solutions to eating, exercise, emotional balance and a healthy perspective.

We want to help you succeed in moving yourself forward in all areas of your life!  

"Starting this journey with reclaiming my health in a sustainable way was very daunting. I was successful at losing a lot of weight before, but it always seemed to find it's way back on! I knew I had to try something different, and as fate would have it, I found Teresa through a new friends suggestion. I had to put my faith in her and trust her process. I knew that, and it’s paying off big time. After 3 months of working with Teresa I have lost 25lbs. And I am still losing weight. Her simple, easy, and knowledgable approach has made it the most effortless weight loss of my life. I have only changed my diet and it doesn't even feel like I'm sacrificing anything. No additional exercise necessary! I have to thank her for her powerful insights on the thoughts I used to have around food, and I will continue to uncover more as this process continues. Thanks Teresa! "

Ryan P

"If someone was on the fence about coaching, I would say that this experience working with Teresa brought out the best in me. If you have an area of your life holding you back then Teresa will find those limiting beliefs and help you become a mentally and physically healthier person. "

Bill M
Software Engineer

"Like many of you, I knew how to lose weight, I had lost plenty of weight in the past. I didn’t need someone to tell me what to eat and when to eat it, I didn’t need someone who just helped me set goals. I needed someone who would help me identify the real reasons I was on this roller coaster ride with my health. We worked on the conversations in my head around food that kept me in destructive eating patterns. If you want to create a lasting change, Teresa is your gal!""

Katie W
HR Manager

""Teresa helped coach me on some of my fitness and eating habits. She helped me identify that it was fear of not being good enough keeping me from succeeding with my health. Instead of coming from a place of my own fears, interpretations, and assumptions, I now approach my relationships in a curious way, wanting to know what is truly motivating me. As a result, I lost 35 pounds and have kept it off for over 2 years!"

Mary Lee S
Program Manager

"It’s hard to describe the power of the transformation I experienced in a short amount of time working with Teresa. Through her mindfulness coaching methods, I recognized the habitual and unhelpful thought patterns that led me to feelings and behaviors that were limiting my potential. Today I don’t even recognize the person I used to be and have learned to design the best possible life through my choices, knowing I deserve to be happy. Teresa has a rare combination of expertise in behavior modification, life coaching, fitness and health consulting, all of which made her an extraordinary partner on my life journey. "

Pam D
Business Owner

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